Tried and Trusted Products



Toto makes a great product from toilets to faucets and everything in between. If your looking to replace your toilet we strongly suggest the Toto Drake.



Gerber is a great alternative for the thrifty customer who is looking for products that are reasonably priced and still high quality. We recommend the Maxwell if your looking for a new toilet

Rheem Hot Water Tanks


When it comes to hot water tanks we deal exclusively with Rheem. Thanks to this exclusive deal we get the best of the best when it comes to quality tanks. All of our tanks are completely metal inside and out, no plastic allowed!

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater


If your looking for a tankless hot water heater Navien is where you want to be. We are happy to install your tankless system, we know Washington State loves to be eco friendly and this is the perfect system.

Wolverine Brass


At Paris Plumbing we pride ourselves in using the best parts available. Some of those parts and fixtures from Wolverine Brass. We have used Wolverine Brass for over 15 years and continue to appreciate the reliable products that they sell.

Viega and Pro Press Fittings


Viega and pro press fittings are the way of the future. They make soldering nonexistent and are a very high quality product